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Big day coming up? A day you’ve spent months, maybe years, dreaming, planning, and preparing for. Photos are a beautiful keepsake; however, nothing captures the magic of your special celebration like a cinematic video reel!

Hi, I’m Kelly! Creator and Lead Talent of Anne Martin Productions, AMP.

No matter how much time you spent planning, the day is going to pass by in the blink of an eye. You’re going to forget some of the special moments, and maybe even miss a few as the excitement pulls you in different directions. AMP is devoted to capturing those memories, and all of the little details your worked so hard on, with the most personal and custom video reels available.

AMP prides itself in going above and beyond client expectations while capturing every intimate moment from a few feet (sometimes inches) away. We LOVE having the opportunity to get to know each couple, allowing us to better tell their unique story.  

Brides-to-Be, what you might not realize yet, is that your videographer is going to be right there with you for the entirety of the day, start to finish! Having a female-led team of videography professionals ensures your comfortability in every moment! Not to mention, we got you on the little hair, makeup, and pose fixes along the way!  

The best part of your wedding day, is showing the world how inpspiring and real your love is. Let us help you share your story, and remember this day for years to come! Please, take a few minutes to review our online portfolio, or for our latest and most up to date works, check us out on Instagram @AnneMartinProductions.

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